BioChart is an advanced software application. It works with all physiolab hardware devices via USB. BioChart allows users to perform and analyse various physiology experiments like: ECG, Phono Cardio, Stethography, GSR, HRV, BRS etc. BioChart is a dynamic and user-friendly application that has flexibility and ability of quick response. You can analyse Pulse Rate, Heart Sound, Respiratory, HRV, BRS and Temperature by using this application.

Features of BioChart:

  • Power and Flexible: BioChart is a powerful tool that allows you to perform or run a variety of physiology experiments.
  • User-friendly: BioChart application is very easy to learn and understand. Its simple to use and operate.
  • Multi-channel: BioChart has a feature of multichannel that means you can run more than one channels simultaneously.
  • Data Integrity: BioChart software provides data integrity feature that means their results are trustable and consistent for data analyzation.
  • Smart Detection: BioChart smartly detects the all PhysioLab devices and handshakes with them to perform experiments.
  • Recording Data: With the help of BioChart you can record and save any experiment for future use.

We are using the 1.01 version of BioChart Software.