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MIE specialises in human performance monitoring instruments for use in bioengineering, ergonomics, sports sciences, medicine, physiotherapy and work diagnostics. We have a diverse range of hardware and software products and are able to manufacture special bespoke instruments if requested. With over 30 years of experience we have won numerous awards for our innovative designs & technology and we continue to develop products for the demanding needs of the serious scientist.


Neurobit Systems,Poland

The founder of Neurobit Systems company is Marcin Kocikowski, Ph.D. He has been specializing in digital signal processing for many years. Working at the Technical University of Gdansk, he was engaged, among other things, in digital recording and analysis of physiological data, reconstruction of 3D images of tissue electrical properties and optimization of algorithms. He also introduced new technologies to telecommunication applications, such as signal recognition, voice processing, digital telephony. We join the amount of this experience in our new products.


Clarity Medical Pty Ltd.

Clarity Medical is a leading developer and manufacturer of physiological monitoring solutions for use in Cardiology, Neurology, Critical care and clinical applications. The company has vast experience in medical electronics industry and specializes in developing cost effective & high quality medical devices for fast growing healthcare industry in the emerging countries all over the world.The Company's moto is to help improve patient care with effective implementation of real world solutions.