About Us

Company Overview

Biostar’s core business is to bring commercialization latest technolgy in the field of life science research and Neurology markets.Our core strength rests on our unsurpassed team of experts in the market of electrophysiology. This has been and will continue to be accomplished by researching and developing our own proprietary line of products, as well as licensing state-of-the-art products from other companies or co-distributing with them. We are able to efficiently serve our research customers around the nation. Biostar’s network covers pan India and known as excellent technical support, service and quick delivery.


Company Profile

Biostar Healthcare was founded by a group of engineers and marketing professionals. It is a leading medical equipment supplier that provides a combination of diagnostic and research equipment to medical professionals around the nation. Biostar offers a value to scientist/medical educator by providing the features and consistency they need while still fitting within their budget.


Biostar Innovation

Biostar encourages challenging of opinion, of mindsets and a young and vibrant culture of innovation and experimentation. At Biostar individual thinking, creativity, innovation and flexibility are celebrated and through that enormous diversity seeps in a ‘world culture’ for Biostar to become true transformation partners to global corporations driven by a set of core organizational values – that being the only place for homogeneity!


Using the Wide Service Model in integrating global talent including customer capabilities, embedding frameworks for service delivery, and by creating the necessary go-to-market front ends, Biostar demonstrates business value for its customers! This enables a true customer proximal model by requirements being captured by a consultant at their end with localized and business specific capabilities and the luxury of global sourcing and 24X7X365 support.


Biostar’s Valuable Clients

Towards creating value to its customers business, Biostar has built and consolidated a comprehensive portfolio of services in Medical Education Institutes and Life Science research institute, lending a wide range of benefits from cost arbitrage, to unmatched quality, differentiated value to a holistic strategic partnership with its customers; and further lending a significant advantage by offering models to customers that best suit their business needs traversing the context areas down to the core focus areas of the customer. Biostar enjoys enduring relationships with India’s best Institutes like NIPER, AIIMS, PGI, AMU, KKU, IGMC, and ISF among several others. Biostar’s customers are spread across various categories like Life Science Research, Life Science Education, Technology Education, Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centre, and Nursing Colleges. Biostar has business partnerships with global technology leaders such as AD Instruments Australia, BTS Engineering Italy, and Triteck Germany. These partnerships enable Biostar to leverage its core competencies, ensuring comprehensive and state-of-the-art business solutions to its customers.